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Chinese Pod from Shanghai,
Cool website to help ya if Mandarin is your thing...
be sure to say Hi to Ken, Jenny and the gang!






WorldLingo. online translator
Babelfish (
Free-Definition - Online Glossary and Encyclopedia


Solari - (PrimeZero)---English-Chinese Online Dictionary, English-To-Chinese Online Dictionary
MandarinTools: On-line Chinese Tools & Dictionary
Ocrat Chinese Character Dictionary
Tiger-NTChinese-English Online Dictionary
Prime-Zero English-Chinese Online Dictionary, English-To-Chinese Online Dictionary
MDBG free online Chinese English dictionary
China Language Chinese Character Dictionary

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Sites & Things

Learning Chinese Online Page
Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks - ChinaLinks from
Zhongwen Learn Chinese Characters
UniLang Community :
Ting -- Chinese English Dictionary and Study Center -- Learn Language
Colors in Chinese -- (Ting)
China West Exchange Mandarin Numbers & Counting
Omniglot - a guide to written language (alphabets, hieroglyphs, Chinese characters, etc)
Chinese960 Makes Learning Chinese Easy and Fun!
Chinese menu story, nice little personal story...
Chinese Abacus

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Clavis Sinica, main-page
Clavis-Flash cards
Clavis Sinica gb texts (Chinese)


Pluralitylanguage: Pimsleur Chinese Mandarin I - Comprehensive Language Program
Windows XP - Chinese Language Processing and Chinese Computing
ang2's Chinese Language Meetup Notebook
Writing Chinese Under Windows 2000 Professional/XP
Declan Software: Learn the Chinese Language with Declan Software's Chinese Learning Software

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